After a long year of preparation, it is an enormous satisfaction for us to open this new space in Barcelona. It means the beginning of a new phase in which we pretend to dwell in our solid engagement with the exciting Art world.

Since we started, we have devoted our work to the promotion and defense of C. 20th Art with the rigour and professionalism that this activity deserves. The new space that we inaugurate today will allow us to carry on fulfilling this fundamental premise as well as it will give us the opportunity to explore new paths.

Today, more than ever, it is essential to provide accurate contents and arguments on everything we put forth and  fearlessly face the opportunities that this changing world offers us. Thus, while looking at the future and abetting new artistic proposals, it is our commitment to propose new and better exhibitions, to engage with the comprehension of the art world with the edition of catalogues, to encourage and stimulate Art collecting, to recuperate heritage and cast some light into the shadows of the past.

Galeria Arte Marc Domenech