Esther Boix. Esther Boix. Pintures. 1955-1975
19 September - 04 October 2024

Esther Boix. Paintings. 1955-1975

Esther Boix. Paintings. 1955-1975

Esther Boix. Paintings. 1955 – 1975

This is the first individual exhibition dedicated to the artist since 2006, and which once again highlights the work of an artist who has become more relevant over the years. The exhibition includes some of her most emblematic works painted in the early seventies, a period that she herself called “The hard years”.

In these works, the artist, very consciously, uses chromaticism and forceful forms to denounce the numerous social injustices perpetuated by the Franco regime and, in particular, the abuse against women. It should be remembered that Esther Boix was always a politically committed artist and that from a very young age, she expressed her desire to focus on human experiences above the formal conception of the work.

During the sixties, she was one of the first artists, along with other pioneers such as Ana Peters or Mari Chordá, to question the traditional roles of women, as indicated by works such as Cages (1963) or the drawing Landscape with Figure (1966 ).

This exhibition is part of the 2024 edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend.