Group Show. Camps de silenci
14 September - 22 September 2023

Silent Fields

Group Show

Since the Black Square that Kazimir Malevich painted in 1915 with the intention of imposing the “supremacy of pure artistic feeling” and as a means to “free painting from the burden of the object”, the use of color ceased to be a mere descriptive complement to become the subject of the painting itself. This emancipation ended up disarticulating the pre-eminence that the figurative representation of the artist’s surrounding had enjoyed throughout the history of art. From that moment on, shape, space and color, became the true protagonists and painting in a single color became the field from which to reveal a spiritual experience, or to facilitate our transfer to another dimension or, even, from where to undertake a kind of silent transit towards a more reflective state of mind. The exhibition Fields of Silence wants to highlight the importance that monochrome painting has had for many artists, especially from the second half of the 20th century on, and to reveal some of the multiple variants that it has adopted.

This exhibition has been produced in the framework of Barcelona Gallery Weekend

Exhibition views

Exhibition View (Photo: Eva Carasol)

Visitor in front of a painting by Georges Noël (Photo: Eva Carasol)

Gallery Entrance (Photo: Eva Carasol)

Visitors (Photo: Eva Carasol)

Visitors (Photo: Eva Carasol)

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