Vicenç Viaplana. Vicenç Viaplana. Obra recent
08 February - 22 March 2024

Vicenç Viaplana. Recent works

Vicenç Viaplana. Recent works

Vicenç Viaplana adopts the beautiful maxim that it is always the gaze of the other that ends the picture and for this reason it is not until the piece leaves the studio definitively that he stops reinterpreting it. All his work therefore moves, and this exhibition is no exception, in this constant transit between periods of action and rest in which the artist reconsiders his painting in order to make it as efficient as possible. For him, the creation process is the true raison d’être of the work of art and this is perhaps one of the strongest legacies of his beginnings in conceptual art. In a certain way, one could say that his paintings also have a certain ephemeral component in the sense that while they remain at the studio, they are always open to change. Viaplana doesn’t paint for anyone, he paints for himself, in order to discover himself. Basically, his canvases function as a palimpsest in which the traces of previous works are glimpsed and invite us to decipher a content open to multiple interpretations that, layer by layer and year after year, have dried veiling previous layers. The unknown messages that emanate from it are not subject to any predetermined interpretation, they are freely transferred to the viewer and their perception will always be individual, unique and free. The fact is that for Viaplana, when art submits to argumentation, it is limited and loses its mystery.

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