Joaquim Chancho. 1970s

Joaquim Chancho, 'Espai quadriculat i tacat' 1973 vinylic on canvas 146 x 114 cm
Joaquim Chancho, 'Sense títol' 1973 vinylic on canvas 130 x 97 cm
Joaquim Chancho, 'Horitzontal amb taques' 1972 pencil and vinylic on paper 51 x 73 cm
Joaquim Chancho, '19 diagonals' 1971 vinylic and pencil on paper 50,5 x 55,5 cm
Joaquim Chancho, 'Untitled' 1972 vinylic on canvas 46 x 55 cm
Joaquim Chancho, 'Untitled' 1973 vinylic on canvas 46 x 55 cm
Joaquim Chancho, 'Lineal 20' 1973 vinylic on paper 62,5 x 90,5 cm
Joaquim Chancho, 'Horitzontals 2' 1973 ink on paper 51,5 x 65 cm
Joaquim Chancho, 'Inscripcions taronja i carmí' 1979 watercolor and pen on paper 76,5 x 57 cm
Joaquim Chancho, 'Inscripcions ocre i gris' 1978 pencil on paper 65,5 x 50 cm
April 18th - June 7th 2024

"The seventies were a very intense time in terms of work and also a very radical time for my pictorial approach. That was when I started to paint tirelessly and when the energies freed me from the fears and difficulties involved in taking my first faltering steps."

"(...) It is a matter of starting with the simplest elements, reducing colour to black and white. Horizontals and verticals. The diagonal that often appears in my work is an imaginary line between two verticals, which gradually comes into my lexicon. I worked with silk screen procedures because of their immediacy and the possibility of multiplication or subtraction of the new elements from the previous results. The small movements of the same line or graphic element with light chromatic variations was both a reason and an interest that was to continue to grow as the work advanced. Next came the series and variations and, subsequently, the movements, twirls, intersections, splits, multiplications, additions and subtractions, the lines, the scale... In sum, a basic grammar that was to play such an important role in my later work."

*Quotes taken from the text "Converses. Joaquim Chancho i Teresa Blanch" published in Joaquim Chancho. Prospectiva 1973-2003, Tecla Sala, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, 2005.