Joaquim Chancho: a referent of contemporary abstraction


Galeria Marc Domènech, continuing in its line of recovery, presents a magnificent selection of Chancho's paintings and drawings made in the course of the seventies. It is a rather unknown, but crucial stage, since throughout this period the artist develops the genesis of his commitment to a sober painting that strips it of any naturalist references. This is the first time in more than forty years that an exhibition has been organized exclusively designed to examine and analyze the works of a decade so relevant in its artistic evolution in order to give it the attention it deserves. It is an essentially self-referential creation that revolves around the minimalist currents that spread throughout Europe and America from the sixties and that many Catalan artists followed to propose an alternative to informalism. It constitutes a stage of great productive intensity and also of strict radicality from which his later basic lexicon and commitment to geometry, both conceptually and formally, will emerge.

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