Evocació. Vicenç Viaplana


Galeria Marc Domènech is currently exhibiting the recent work of Vicenç Viaplana (Granollers, 1955) after having exhibited drawings and collages by Le Corbusier, works by Moisès Villèlia and many other great modern and contemporary artists. The selection of artists and works and their arrangement in the space means that the gallery acquires an unusual quality and that we love erudition, sensitivity and aesthetics, outside of banality and prevailing dogmas.
Mark Rothko said: "what matters is that sensuality is included in one way or another in every work of art, since at bottom it is the synthesis between the plastic unit and the human element". In the works of Vicenç Viaplana, acrylic paint, materiality, color, gesture and texture are the instruments that make up a great symphony whose theme is the plant world, its beauty, delicacy and sensitivity. Large format leaves, stems and buds transport us to a natural world that appears to us hinted at, evoked by the glazes that nuance the color and at the same time increase the tactility.

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