Georges Noël

Georges Noël

1924 - 2010


Besiers (France), 1924 – Paris (France), 1910

Georges Noël was born in Béziers in December of 1924, and grew up in Pau, in southwestern France. After studying industrial design and painting he worked for several years as a project designer for Turboméca, an aeronautics firm. In 1956 he decided to move to Paris and devote himself entirely to painting. He would become close to French and Italian InformelArt, which stressed improvisation through the use of materials and gesture, and was also interested in collage and assemblage. At that time, he was impressed by the work of Dubuffet, Klee, Pollock, Fontana and friendly with Raymond Hains, François Dufrêne  and Jacques Villéglé. During the 50 and 60s he was represented by Galerie Paul Facchetti in Paris. His developing interest in the magic and mystery of prehistoric and archaic cultures led him to develop his own sign language – incised by scratching and tearing the painted surface – as well as a personal medium of powdered pigments, sand and glue. In 1969 Noël moved to New York, where he was represented by the Pace Gallery. During the 70s his work changed into a more geometric and structured style. In 1983 he returned to France and his painting developed into a synthesis between the gestural style of the early work and the structured compositions of his New York period. Georges Noël died in Paris on November 26, 2010.

His works can be found in many important private and public collections around the world like the Musée National d’Art Moderne/Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris); Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris MAM (Paris); Pinault Collection, (Paris); Neue Nationalgalerie (Berlin); Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY); Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (NY); The Israël Museum (Jerusalem); Museo del Novecento (Milan); Ise Cultural Foundation (Tokyo)…