Torres-García / Hernández Pijuan. Emblemes de l’origen
01 March - 31 March 2017

Joan Hernández Pijuan, Joaquín Torres-García

“The elemental outline of a house, the trace of a flower in memory, the schematic profile of a tree, the trail of a horizon… in Hernàndez-Pijuan these become rhythms that articulate a fertile dialogue in constant renewal […] a world close to the root, the origin. Where emotional tremulousness and intuitive registering of the gaze are the keys that translate reality, as […] in the Constructive Universalism of Torres-Garcia, into an inventory of graphic signs. By means of simple and elementary emblems of the origin.”
Antón Patiño, “Latido germinal de Joan Hernández Pijuán”, 2001