Miquel Rué. Miquel Rué. Cosmogonies
19 May - 30 June 2022

Miquel Rué. Cosmogonies

Miquel Rué. Cosmogonies

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“His is a magnificent example of the existential passion of art that manifested itself a few years after the Second World War and which – who knows? – could still be relevant today. Miquel Rué (Sant Boi de Llobregat, 1929 – Paris, 1967) was a bold and refined abstract artist. Swallowed up by time, he has re-emerged and will begin to draw the attention of art lovers.”
(Àlex Mitrani, Miquel Rué: On the Threshold of the Sublime, 2022)

“Miquel Rué is one of those painters that startlingly have been ignored, so much so in fact that one cannot help but wonder how many others there are like him still to be discovered. This lack of knowledge about him is shocking and shameful bearing in mind the outstanding quality of his work (…)”
(Aitor Quiney, Miquel Rué: Subjective Abstraction, 2022)

“Freedom to express their tormented spirit, the tormented sensibility that flows within the artist. Freedom is needed by the person who expresses their restless spirit in lines and colourful or musical notes. Freedom in developing their work, capturing the sensibility, romanticism or brusqueness of their being. This, I believe, is the true path to create [a] work, to create true expressionism and meaning. Art is a song, a melody that does nothing but make its own creator reflect (…)”
(Miquel Rué, c. 1965)