Alberto Magnelli. Alberto Magnelli. Drawings of the 30’s
26 April - 26 June 2012

Drawings of the 30's

Alberto Magnelli

Drawings of the 30's

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An outstanding exhibition in which one can admire a group of 53 works on paper, belonging to the family collection, realised in the 1930s.
Alberto Magnelli is one of the most representative artists of the first half of the C. 20th and one of the few ones that best summarise the most relevant plastic postulates of this important period. During his artistic career though, this painter of freedom and balance, was also influenced by the surrealist environment of the 1930s. The erotic drawings shown in this exhibition, rarely seen in public before and some of them absolutely unknown to the general public, demonstrate it.
Despite the fact that Magnelli’s work is represented in more than 60 museum around the world, it is still little know among the Catalan and Spanish public. With this exhibition, we partly aim to fill this gap by presenting a wide variety of works covering all the artistic styles he used in the 30s.