Albert Gleizes. Albert Gleizes. Del Simbolismo al Cubismo
29 November 2007 - 18 January 2008

Albert Gleizes. Del Simbolismo al Cubismo

Albert Gleizes. Del Simbolismo al Cubismo

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“Albert Gleizes. From Symbolism to Cubism” is the third monograph dedicated to the French artist in Barcelona since 1916 when it was presented for the first time in the rooms of the Galeries Dalmau. The most recent one was the one organized by the Picasso Museum in 2001. We are now honoured to offer to the public in Barcelona a new opportunity to get closer to Albert Gleizes’ work.

For this exhibition we have selected paintings and works on paper from different periods of his artistic career which are all mostly done in his Cubist style. But what makes this show particularly unique is the focus devoted to his earlier production. It is thanks to those works that we can realize how connected he was with symbolism in his pre-cubist period. A set of drawings created in 1910/11, which were all produced to illustrate a book of poems by Roger Allard, demonstrate this connection clearly. These drawings are also a testimony of the fruitful activity that originated at the time within the community of artists, musicians and poets who, inspired by the ethic and aesthetic ideals of Charles Vildrac, gathered around the printing press directed by Lucien Linard in the Abbey of Crétiel.