Martín Chirino. Sculptures and drawings

Martín Chirino, "Espiral", 1985 mixed media, ink and crayon on paper 68,5 x 49 cm.
Martín Chirino, "El Alisio V", 2004 wrought iron 122 x 122 x 70 cm.
Martín Chirino, "Retrato de dama. Crónica del Siglo XX", 2000 wrought iron 57 x 58 x 37 cm.
Martín Chirino, "Carnet (Reina del Viento)", 1999 charcoal and mixed media on paper 126 x 152,5 cm.
Martín Chirino, "Espiral del Viento II", 2004 crayon and ink on paper 49 x 59 cm.
Martín Chirino, "Sunset II", 2007 wrought iron 71 x 98 x 31 cm.
Martín Chirino, "Iberia III", 2005 wrought iron 15 x 42 x 25 cm.
Martín Chirino, "Cruz y Pensamiento. Sobre el Barroco I", 2006 wrought iron 35 x 29 x 34 cm.
Martín Chirino, "Homenaje a Marinetti X", 2007 wrought iron 53 x 151 x 34 cm.
Martín Chirino, "Espiral / Aeróvoros", 1993 mixed media, ink and crayon on paper 63,5 x 44 cm.
May 6th - June 6th 2008

This show gives the opportunity to see a selection of 13 sculptures and 5 drawings, from one of the most important Spanish sculptures at the  2nd middle XXth Century and of course one of whom have contributed to keep and consolidate the wrought iron sculpture tradition in Europe. Thanks to the art works presented, beginning with "Composición Constructivista" (1957), it is underlined the artist technique skills and his aim to work with series, and so on it is evidently one of the most special interests during all his long artistic career in the movement representation.