From Lipchitz to Sol LeWitt. Drawing a Collection

Jacques Lipchitz, "Study for a Bas Relief", 1918, charcoal on paper, 34,9 x 24,1 cm
Henry Moore, "Two Wrapped Standing Figures", 1951, gouache, watercolor, wax crayons and pencil on paper 37,9 x 27,8 cm
Paul Klee, "Obertöne", 1928, ink on paper, 45,1 x 58,7 cm
Juan Gris, "Verre, pipe et boites", 1924, charcoal on paper, 25,7 x 31,4 cm
Joan Miró, "Personnage, chien, échelle de l'évasion", 1977, wax crayon on carton, 50 x 32,5 cm
Auguste Herbin, "Sans titre", gouache on paper, 34 x 24,5 cm
Gaston Chaissac, "Sans titre", c.1961 oil on paper on wood 74 x 63 cm
Antoni Tàpies, "Ondulacions blaves", 1971, acrylic and pencil on paper on wood, 64,8 x 88,9 cm
Hans Hartung, "Untitled", 1968 pastel and 'grattage' on paper 34,3 x 26 cm
Alberto Magnelli, "Sans titre", 1959, felt-tip pen on tapestry paper, 47,5 x 63,5 cm
Sol LeWitt, "Parallelogram", 1982, ink on paper, 56 x 56 cm
Victor Vasarely, "Cassioppe II", gouache on carton 52,5 x 34 cm
July 11th - September 11th 2016

“For the artist drawing is discovery.
(...) A line, an area of tone, is not really important because it records what you have seen, but because of what it will lead you on to see. (...) A drawing is an authobiographical record of one’s discovery of an event – either seen, remembered or imagined (...) is essentially a private work, related only to the artist’s own needs. (...) In front of a drawing he [the spectator] identifies himself with the artist, using the images to gain the conscious experience of seeing as though through the artist’s own eyes.
Everything originally depends upon the quality of discovery. Mannerisms, however elegant, are barriers to discovery as clichés are barriers to thought”

John Berger
“Drawing is discovery” (1953)

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