Formalisms II

M. H. Vieira da Silva, "Automne", 1961 oil on canvas 81,3 x 100 cm
Manuel Rivera, "Tiritaña XI", 1975 metal, wire and oil 65 x 81 cm
Xavier Escribà, "Amagat blanc", 2012-13 acrylic on canvas 84 x 84 x 35 cm
Joan Hernández Pijuan, "Núvol a la nit (2)", 1991 oil on canvas 145 x 162 cm
Esteban Vicente, "Composición", c.1980 pastel on paper 56 x 75,5 cm
Vicenç Viaplana, "Untitled", 2015 oil on wood 90 x 100 cm
Moisès Villèlia, "Untitled", 1963 wire 93 cm
Lluís Lleó, "Lympharis", 2016 oil, graphite and ink on Bhutan Denar JDK paper 102,3 x 79,5 cm
André masson, "Combat d'oiseaux", c.1940 pastel on paper 63,5 x 48,5 cm
April 27th - June 15th 2017

With Formalisms II we want to present a careful selection of paintings, sculptures and drawings with the aim to offer a varied dialogue between works by artists who are very different from each other.
The main objective of this second edition of Formalisms is to approach art from the perspective of 'form' and not 'content'. Thanks to the juxtaposition of formal elements like 'line', 'color', 'space' together with other more compositional formal aspects like 'balance', 'order', 'proportion' or 'structure' we can establish links between artists, works, periods and techniques that other types of reading would distance one from the other.
The result of this proposal is to show how a formal analysis of an artistic composition contributes to generate links between works that 'a priori' might seem to us that do not exist.

Exhibitied artists:
Pep Agut
German Cueto
Martín Chirino
Xavier Escribà
Luis Feito
Joan Furriols
Julio González
Joan Hernández-Pijuan
Jacques Lipchitz
Lluís Lleó
Alberto Magnelli
André Masson
Joan Miró
Jean-Paul Riopelle
Manuel Rivera
Antonio Saura
Vieira da Silva
Alberto Solsona
Antoni Tàpies
Vicenç Viaplana
Esteban Vicente
Moisès Villèlia

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