Moisès Villèlia

1928 - 1994


Barcelona, 1928 – Barcelona, 1994

Moisès Villèlia was renowned for both his static and mobile sculptures made of bamboo cane, although he also made use of wood, metal, ceramics and fibre cement. Despite the fact that a large part of his artistic career from the early 1950s was dedicated to sculpture, he also designed furniture, invented games, wrote poetry, illustrated books and produced paintings. He was admired by a wide range of artists, critics, poets, writers, gallery owners and architects and one has simply to recall names such as Joan Miró, Antoni Tàpies, Joan Brossa, Joan Prats, Sebastià Gasch, Josep Lluís Sert, Oriol Bohigas, Joaquim Gomis, Juan Eduardo Cirlot, Joan Perucho, Michel Tapié, Jacques Dupin, Pierre Matisse and many others to understand the respect that his art generated.