Modest Cuixart

Modest Cuixart

1925 - 2007


Barcelona, 1925 – Palamós, 2007

Modest Cuixart i Tàpies was a Spanish artist, one of the most representative of the Spanish postwar. In 1944 he began studying Medicine at the University of Barcelona, ​​but ended up abandoning them two years later for his true vocation, painting. Four years later he participated in the First October Salon and in 1949 he exhibited at the VII Salon de Arte de los Once in Madrid. In 1951 he travelled for the first time to Paris, and soon after settled in Lyon; exhibits in the Cercle de Beaux Arts. During a time he alternated his residence in these two cities. On one of the occasions when he returned to Barcelona, ​​in 1951, the “Dau al Set” exhibition was opened in the Sala Caralt in Barcelona.

Stylistically his work evolves from surrealism to informalism bordering on “pop art” and critical realism. Apart from his pictorial work, Cuixart also creates sets for ballets and plays. In 2002 he open Fundació Cuxart in Barcelona.