Manuel Hernández Mompó

Manuel Hernández Mompó

1927 - 1992


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Valencia, 1927 – Madrid, 1992

Mompó was born in Valencia on October 10, 1927. Student at the San Carlos School of Fine Arts in Valencia, he traveled to Paris, Rome and Holland. In the late 70s he made sculptures or painted three-dimensional objects. Some of them made of methacrylate or metal sheet, on which he made his drawings. In many of the sheet metal sculptures he adds cuts and incisions that emulate a paper collage.

Ascribed to the avant-garde, from the solitude of work, and without the need to resort to new materials or technical innovations, his themes remained faithful to constants in which calligraphic features and notes of color flood the canvas.

His long career is manifested in numerous exhibitions and works in collections. He died on January 24 in Madrid.