Enric Planasdurà

Enric Planasdurà

1921 - 1984


Barcelona, 1921 –  Barcelona, 1984

Enric Planasdurà was born on October 2, 1921. In 1934 he began painting on oil, a technique he would never abandon, and in 1941 he held his first solo exhibition at Galeries Alfa in Barcelona. His painting will go through different styles, from a fauvist stage to a surrealist one, to end up receiving certain influences from the painting of the Italians. From this moment he begins the path towards abstraction.

He will later enter the period of large compositions and the search for a simplification of forms and around 1950 he begins to work with the collage technique. His works, of great vitality, have been exhibited in several cities such as Venice, Milan, Bern and Madrid. Planasdurà was awarded the City of Barcelona Award in 1974.

In 1984 he appeared in the Group Show ‘The 1940s in Catalonia’ organized by the Dau al Set Gallery in Barcelona. He died in Barcelona that same year.